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Blogging Challenge To Make Money Online – Week 6 and 7 Report

I skipped a week reporting my results of the blogging challenge to make money online. It happened for two reasons. First, week 6 was a bit lackluster and second, I was doing a lot of extra work behind the scenes. Somehow the time just flew by me. Today I will provide you with two sets of results and a bit of a breakdown of what I have been doing in the last couple of weeks.
Over the past couple of weeks I have have been brushing up on list building and email marketing. In my posts I have been telling you that the “money is in the list”, but if your list is not responsive the “money is not in the list”. I have been finding that my list’s responsiveness is not as good as it could be. So, I have been learning how to improve the responsiveness of my list, to improve CTR of my lists, create squeeze/optin pages,
and so on.
I have been following Bertus Engelbrecht’s Elite Email Marketing course, learning how to create effective squeeze pages, sales funnels and email sequences to increase my list of subscribers and to improve the responsiveness of my list.
As well, I have been taking steps to protect my blogs from hackers. You may be aware that there is a dangerous situation in the cyberspace with respect to the security of our WordPress blogs. For that reason I wrote a few articles to help you tighten the security of your blogs.
With respect to the blogging challenge to make money, I continued to make my rounds commenting on forums and on blogs. Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed a significant spike in the traffic to my blog.
While examining my stats last week I noticed that a lot of the traffic coming to my blog was from a blog I commented on previously. I knew that the site is a commentluv blog.
Just in case you are not familiar with commetluv plugin, let me digress a bit and explain the significance of commentluv blogs. Blogs that have commentluv plugin allow the commentators to share a link to one of their latest posts at the end of the comment. That way, if the link is interesting, other commentators will click on the link and it will, of course, lead them to the blog.
I was pretty pleased to think that other people liked my link. Well, that was not the case. Even a better thing happened. Adrienne Smith, the owner of the blog where I left the comment, liked my post so much that she actually mentioned my name and recommended my post to her readers. How cool is that?
I could go on about all the other things I have done during the past few weeks but I am sure you would like to see how my blog and the challenge is progressing.

Blogging Challenge To make Money Online – Week 6 Results

Traffic Results
Total traffic: 168, off from last week.
Unique visitors: 143
Organic traffic was slightly down at 40%. 
Page views: 587 pages
Average pages per visit: 3.49,  higher than last week’s figure
Bounce rate was down at a low of 0.60%
Visitors still spent quite a bit of time on my site. Over 16 minutes on average per visit!

Week 6 Sales Results
During week 2 Blogging Spree site sold 2 products, namely Simple Traffic Solutions course.

Blogging Challenge To make Money Online – Week 7 Results

Traffic Results
Total traffic: 232, up significantly from week 6.
Unique visitors: 178
Organic traffic slightly down at 37% 
Page views: 773 pages
Average pages per visit: 3.33
Bounce rate was low at 0.86%
Visitors spent quite a bit of time on my site. Over 27 minutes on average per visit!
34 people visited my site from Adrienne’s blog.

Week 7 Sales Results
During week 7 Blogging Spree site sold one product.

Pretty exciting results, especially during week 7. You can imagine how pleased I was that Adrienne linked her post to one of my posts. To be recognized for one of my posts felt much better than making a sale. I guess it is because to me contributing to the blogging community and helping other people is more rewarding that just making sales.
Now don’t take me wrong, I definitely blog to make money online but this is secondary to my desire to share with and help others.
Please be sure to leave a comment, I do have commentluv. In fact, in the next few days I will write a post all about commentluv and why you should use it too.

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