Saturday, August 24, 2013

How To Make Money Blogging – 60 Minutes To Success

It was an exciting day today. Our small group of internet marketers has been challenged. The subject of the challenge was: how to make money blogging in 60 days or less. The idea was to determine if any blogger (including a newbie) who sets his mind to it can generate $2000.00 or more in 2 months or less.
More precisely, we were challenged to find out if it was possible for a new  blogger to make money with a blog following a simple plan. All of the participants would adhere to the same or a similar plan in principle and would compare notes at regular intervals. The steps of the plan would be revealed to us daily by the leader of the challenge.

Make Money Blogging General Plan

1. The Goal – Make $2000.00 OR MORE
2. Total Budget – $100.00. The budget is to be used initially for the expenses that include a domain name, hosting of a blog and autoresponder.
3. Duration – 60 days
4. Minimum Time Allotted – 60 minutes per day minimum (one is not restricted to 60 minutes if one has the time)
The idea behind this plan is to demonstrate that anyone who takes consistent action can succeed and can earn money with a blog. There was bit of a debate whether we would be starting a fresh blog or could we use blogs that are not yet established as in traffic or making money.
I was tempted to start a new blog, but then I changed my mind. I decided to use Blogging Spree blog for the following reason: the blog is in its infancy. At the time of writing this post the domain name is only 30 days old and I only started the blog on the 14th of February, 2013, meaning, 27 days ago.
The traffic at Blogging Spree at this time is very low and only slowly trickling in, so it will be easy to follow the progress and the results of this challenge with Google Analytics (see below). As well, all links that will point to any products I may promote will have a tracking code so that I can easily distinguish the income from any other sources.
The objective of this plan is to drive free traffic to the blog, build a list and generate money from this traffic. Once the money flows in, the process can be scaled up and one can purchase paid traffic to build the list even further for potentially more revenue.

My Initial Expense For This Blog

Required – all participants had to invest in the following 3 items
1. Domain Name – $7.95 for a year at Netfirms
2. Hosting – 9.95 monthly at Hostgator
3. Autoresponder – $1.00 trial for a month at Aweber.

Optional - I chose this program to help me kick start my free traffic generating efforts
My initial expenditure – $23.85

Now is the time to reveal Blogging Spree Google Analytics results at the start of this challenge:
Blogging Spree results from Google Analytics. On March 13th (red arrow and red circle), by 9:58 pm EST there were 11 visitors to the blog. A pretty low result. Therefore I felt justified to include this site into the experiment.

The goal was set at only $2000.00 because many new and even bloggers who have been at it for some time, don’t seem to know how to make money blogging and earn no money at all. Even if they have been blogging for a number of years. Others make only small amounts of money. This is not because it is not possible.
There are many bloggers who make money from their blogs. John Chow and Pat Flynn are just two such examples. Both of these bloggers make in excess of $40,000.00 per month from their blogging endeavors. Mind you, they have been blogging for quite a long time.
This experiment is a true experiment because, although all the participants are internet marketers, their experience varies from a newbie to a more seasoned blogger. As well, some people have very limited spare time, others may be able to devote more time to this project. It will be interesting to compare all the results and learn how the different variations in both expertise and time will affect the results.
At this point I am not sure if I’ll be reporting the results daily or weekly. I would prefer a weekly progress report because I do not want to flood this blog with just one sided reports. This could prove boring for some.
In the weekly reports I will summarize my daily activity related to Blogging Spree and the experiment. I will share with you Google Analytics data to see if the traffic is rising significantly. In addition, if there will be any sales, I will report those as well.
I am looking forward to this project and I hope you will enjoy following the progress of this blog. Please feel free to join my news and updates to make sure you don’t miss anything that is going on with the project. Together we can explore how to make money blogging by devoting only 60 focused minutes per day to the project. Can it be done? Well, we’ll find out! Looking forward to week one report.
I would love to hear your feedback. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this idea. And if you have a moment and like the idea please don’t forget to click the “Like” button. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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