Saturday, August 17, 2013

Niche Blogging

Make Your Niche Blog A Traffic Magnet

Every successful blog has a theme. For a niche blog its theme is its niche. If you design and develop your site correctly your niche blog will become a traffic magnet. If your blog will have quality targeted traffic your blog will become a success, both personally and financially.
1. Build Your Blog Around Your Topic
When developing your blog, your niche or your topic takes precedence over everything else. It takes precedence over any distractions that may sound more interesting to you at any given time. You always need to bear in mind that your niche is the heart of your blog. It should always remain the cornerstone of your content.
If you design and build your blog around your niche you will be able to populate your blog with groupies or returning  visitors interested in the topic. By keeping to your theme you will create a gathering center for your readers and eventually happy customers.

2. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of You Topic

Many bloggers erroneously believe that for niche blogging success they have to discover a special, hardly talked about topic or that special something that is unique to them. It is not so. You don’t have to write on a completely new topic. You can write on topics that are already discussed online. The secret is that you can write on any topic providing it is written from your perspective. If you do that and, in addition, offer your own opinions you will create something unique, something that people could not have seen before.
As well, new people flock the internet all the time looking for information or solutions to their problem. They may not have read other blogs on the same subject. If they land on your niche blog and they like your content and style of writing, your tone or your voice, your opinions and your easy navigation, they will return.
3. Categorize Your Niche
The theme of your niche blog should be summed up. Your visitors should be able to easily determine what you blog offers. The easiest way to do that is to pick 3-5 keywords that are related to and describe your content. Set these niche keywords as categories in your sidebar. Your blog’s theme should center around these categories / keywords.
The categories not only represent the the topics your blog centers on, they also let the visitors know how important the site is for them. If the reader finds your topics of interest and subsequently discovers your content fresh and interesting, the reader will return. If on the other hand a reader finds that the categories do not interest him, he will not stay. That is OK. You, after all, are aiming for targeted traffic.
 Keep the layout of your blog simple. Have only 2 columns and make sure that your sidebar is clean and easy to navigate through. Keep your categories visible and make sure to have an archive in your sidebar so that your visitors can access older information.
4. Be Professional
Your niche blog is a serious online business. Therefore your blog must project seriousness. This is not to say that your blog should be without humor, wit or personality. What it really means is that you must be serious about your topic.
5. Keep Your Content Fresh
To grow and keep your readership and search engine rankings your blog must be frequently updated. Fresh content on regular basis is a must. If your blog will become stale your readership and your rankings will plummet.
6. Make Your Blog A Portal
The ultimate goal of a niche blog is to generate targeted traffic because if your blog does not have traffic your blog may as well not exists. The best way to do this is to create a reputation of a portal or a hub for specific content.
To create a portal means that every entry on your blog must be consistent with the overall theme of your blog. To add value to your “portal” infuse your blog with links that lead to other sites with relevant information.
For example, if you write an article and use information from other sites for your research make sure to reference them. Not only will you provide your readers with options, your site will be more believable. As well, you may include RSS feeds from other relevant sites on your blog.
Your readers will reward you by coming back because they will appreciate that your site is a hub of relevant information, a go-to source.
In summary, if you want your niche blog to be a traffic magnet you must cater to your visitors. The structure of your blog must be clear, the design of your blog must be uncluttered. Explore and learn from other successful niche blogs. Nurture your visitors, give them value and options and in no time they will repay you with their trust. A trusting visitor is a happy visitor and a happy visitor is a happy customer.

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