Saturday, August 24, 2013

Optimizing Images To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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Images serves as a great part in an individuals blog traffic. It does not matter if the blog is on bloggers or wordpress platform. People most often search for images on google for their Profile picture, wallpapers and even for their blogs article or tutorials. So optimizing images properly can be really helpful to increase traffic to your blog. Here at MBW we add relevant and attractive image in each and every article or tutorial we publish to attract more visitors to our blog. Adding images to your blog is not enough, you also have to TAG them for better indexing by Google image. So lets discuss more

about Image optimization.

What Is Alt Attribute In Image Tag ?

Image Tag is like a description about what the image is all about. You should always add appropriate tage or description to your image. This helps better indexing of the image by Google crawler. Below is Image tag before adding any description

Showing Post Title Before Blog Title In Search Results

Showing Post Title Before Blog Title In Search Results

By default your Blog Title appears before the Blog Post Title in the search results.  This slow down traffic to your blog. In order to optimize your blog post title and make blog post title appear before the blog title we need to change blogger default settings. This simple blogger trick  helps in better SEO and make your blog search engine friendly. In this simple tutorial i will teach you to make blog title appear after the blog post title. So lets get started.

If you are using blogger default template or some old template then you must need to do this, but if you are using some third party template then blog post title may be already optimized. You may double check it, Its good to be sure. After completing this tutorial your blog search results should look as demonstrated below.

All You Want To Know About Search Engine Optimization Or SEO


Today i am going to talk about SEO and its important. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is method or bunch of techniques performed by web devlopers or bloggers to achieve better ranking for thier websites or blog. Its method to increase visibility of your website amongs search engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc. For example: A better search engine optimized site are mostly one which get displayed on first few pages of google or bing search results when you search for particular keywords. SEO also helps to increase traffic to your blog. So lets learn more about search engine optimization.

What is SEO ?

As in introduction paragraph i have told you alot about it, SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is practice performed by web devlopers to increase their website rank. By optimizing site it makes easier for search engines like google and bing to index their site and inrcease flow of traffic to their blog. Their are lots of things that come under SEO such as site linking, using rich keywords, post title, post length and more. Below i have included importance of SEO.